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Airbus is Building the future of work with GCP


Airbus is Building the future of work with GCP

By altering security, data management, and collaboration along the way, Google Workspace and Google Cloud have been instrumental in assisting Airbus in realizing this new route.

Adopting a secure-by-design strategy

Google Workspace offers a single login for secure data access based on device and user information, as well as contextual inputs that inform the security risk of each login and user action.

Airbus administrators also use Google Workspace to define trust rules that govern what information and files can be shared within and outside the organization, making it simple for employees to adhere to best practices from any location.

More than just data protection

Google Cloud has been working to keep its climate footprint and those who use its services as low as possible, with all of Google currently carbon neutral and with a goal to run on carbon-free energy 24/7 at all of our data centers by 2030.

Creating the Workplace of the Future

The new model serves as the foundation for the company’s evolving future of work. Airbus has not only implemented a zero-trust model throughout the organization, but it has also transformed how data is secured, managed, and accessed by employees working in a variety of locations. read more…

Airbus is Building the future of work with GCP the new adaptable approach has also changed the way people collaborate.

Google is honored to have assisted Airbus in implementing these changes, and we remain proud to operate the cleanest cloud in the industry.

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