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 In 2017, SBS launched its Google Cloud division. The next year, we attained “Premier Partner” designation, the top tier of Google Cloud partners.

We hold the title of Google Cloud MSP Partner (Managed Service Provider)

SBS’s Services For A Better GCP Experience

The GCP Experience Has Been Improved by These Services

Managed GCP

◉Authorized services
◉ Endless Support
◉ Endless monitoring and operational support )
◉ Swift problem resolution
◉ Broad support from IaaS to PaaS

Cloud Management Platform [OpsNow]

◉ Govern the hybrid environment
◉ allocate resources by service center
◉ Specialized surveillance (including network/application)
◉ Cost optimization and market analysis
◉ Enhance IT service process

Cloud Governance

◉ Define the customer's entire policy framework by describing the goals, scope of service, and standards to be met through the cloud, as well as specifying procedures and processes such as user roles and user access permissions

Cloud Security

◉ Create a security solution that includes a cloud firewall, data encryption, user access control, and endpoint protection

Cloud Solutions

◉ Provide a variety of cloud-based solution options, such as backup/DR, blockchain, machine learning, and marketing solutions

Strategy Consulting

◉ Business Process Management
◉ Project Management
◉ Business Documentation
◉ Solution Design
◉ Business Analysis and Design ◉ Business Process Modeling

Introduction And Migration Of Stable GCP

◉ Refactor
◉ Replatform
◉ Repurchase
◉ Rehost
◉ Relocate
◉ Retain
◉ Retire

Big Data / Machine Learning / AI

◉ Supervised Learning: Supervised learning is applicable when a machine has sample data, i.e., input as well as output data with correct labels
◉ Unsupervised Learning
◉ Reinforcement Learning
◉ Semi-supervised Learning

Pricing Policy

◉ Employ SBS's experience to reduce the cost of retraining or hiring new employees
◉ Stable results at the lowest feasible cost
◉ Identify and eliminate flaws quickly for recurring efficiency gains
◉ Leverage SBS’s expertise, experience, and tools to increase efficiencies and reduce costs

SBS has Specialization expertise in three areas

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