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We’re A Cloud Ops Company!

We provide software that automates procedures, reducing duplication and enhancing efficiency. SBS offers quick delivery with technical experts that understand your objectives, from a small company website to a corporate level customized ERP system.

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We think that by unlocking the potential of the cloud, we can assist anybody in adopting the cloud to allow digital transformation, modify markets, and generate competitive difference.

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We deliver world-class services to support your business and empower your employees.

Marines of the Cloud

Our organization works tirelessly to build, operate, and optimize our clients' environments, utilizing local and worldwide knowledge, skills, and expertise.

SBS is a business consulting and information technology services corporation devoted to providing businesses with inventive and innovative business solutions that stimulate profitability and promote business growth. With innovative initiatives, extensive expertise, top-tier brilliant personnel, confidence, and honesty, SBS is poised to scale new heights at an unprecedented rate.



SBS delivers integrated Services & Solutions through continuous innovation while maintaining high standards of service delivery through the use of cutting-edge methodologies in all spheres



We envision ourselves as the leaders of the next automation revolution, connecting the physical and virtual worlds and building long-term trusting collaboration

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