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Cloud Management
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Whether you’re looking for ad hoc support or fully-outsourced management of your entire cloud environment, SBS offers end-to-end, tiered support plans tailored to meet the needs of your business. SBS’s Cloud Management services deliver:
  • Flexibility to scale your services as your needs change and pay only what you use
  • Availability of over 99.99% with 24/7 support from Europe, Korea, China, and the USA
  • Integrated support services including application and network monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery
Pay-as-you-grow pricing and a monthly payment plan provides the elasticity you need as consumer demand scales in and out over time. Our broad portfolio of cloud consulting and managed services allows us to deliver an integrated approach encompassing every aspect of your cloud environment—compute, storage, network, application, security, and backup.

Why SBS for Cloud Management

Tailored Services

Handpick the services you require in order to optimize your cloud environment and guarantee client happiness

Reduced Costs

Employ SBS's experience to reduce the cost of retraining or hiring new employees

Secure Your Future

Stay ahead of the pack by embracing emerging technologies as they arise

Managed Services from SBS also enables you to keep ahead of your competition. As new cloud technologies emerge to sabotage the industry, we cooperate with our clients to automatically take advantage of them, integrating them into your core services and expediting time-to-value.

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