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RDS - Relational Database Services

RDS- Relational Database Service

Relational Database Service simplifies the setup, operation, and scaling of databases. It provides cost-effective automated auto-scaling, redundancy, upgrade, security fixes, and backups.

SBS uses and deploys RDS, one of AWS’ database services, to meet the needs of its clients while adhering to best practices in the areas of availability, durability, efficiency, and cost.

Enjoy the benefits of this managed service as our team of specialists assists you in improving your apps and products.


Easy Administration

Considering RDS is an AWS managed service, AWS handles the majority of the administrative responsibilities, allowing your business to focus more on the development process and the enhancement of apps and products. The service includes updates and patches, which you can freely schedule at any time that is convenient for you. Backup is entirely automatic, and recovery features are quite simple to use. We can administer RDS for you utilizing RDS database-specific capabilities via AWS interface. Within a few minutes, you may easily launch a database instance and configure a connection to the application.


Scaling the CPU and storage capacities of an RDS instance takes only minutes and requires no downtime. Storage The Auto Scaling function automatically scales storage capacity based on dynamic demands. Another feature that ensures durability and serves all read requests to offload CPU demand from the main RDS is read replicas.

Access to Different Engine Types

MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Amazon Aurora are now available as database engines on Amazon RDS. Aurora is an AWS MySQL-compatible database service targeted for expanding database applications with high availability without the requirement for specialist tuning expertise.


If your company needs a database for read-heavy workloads with asynchronous replication, Amazon RDS provides read replicas. For highly available synchronous replication, the multi-availability domain option can be employed. In the event of a failure, a clone database is kept in synchronization with the database server and may be switched to primary as needed. Cross-region read clones are offered for workloads that span multiple regions. Depending on the database engine, read clones can be explicitly promoted to standalone or main status.

Low Cost

Due to tremendous economies of scale, you may enjoy one of the most prominent AWS services at a reasonable cost. SBS further optimizes your value by providing customizable payment arrangements for on-demand or reserved occurrences with either an upfront or long-term commitment.


SBS prioritizes security by ensuring that encryption at rest and while in transit is always configured. Encrypting RDS and taking snapshots are both essential for keeping your data and information safe at all times. Because RDS is a controlled service, encryption may be accomplished directly using AWS services such as VPC and KMS.

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