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SBS offers end-to-end, tiered support solutions geared to your business’s needs, whether you need ad hoc help or full-service management of your whole cloud environment. SBS’s AWS Managed Services enable you to grow your services, pay only for what you need, and take advantage of integrated support services like network and application monitoring, backups, and data recovery.
Our payment options give the flexibility you want when demand fluctuates over time. Our comprehensive range of cloud consulting and managed services enables us to provide an integrated solution that addresses every component of your cloud environment—compute, storage, network, application, security, and backup.

Why SBS for AWS Managed Services?

AWS Certified

We have been licensed to manage your cloud using best-in-class tools and practices

Optimized Costs

Utilize SBS's knowledge, experience, and technologies to improve efficiency and lower costs

Continual Improvement

Ensure a competitive advantage by utilizing new AWS technologies as they develop

Managed Services from SBS also enables you to keep ahead of your competition. As innovative cloud services emerge to disrupt the market, we work with you to automatically take advantage of them, integrating them into your core functions and expediting time-to-value.

SBS: Improving the


Smooth Migration

With no disruption to your users, we will assume responsibility and move your apps and data to Azure

Hybrid Deployment

We'll securely and effortlessly link your data center to the Azure Cloud

High Availability

We'll provide the dependability you want by utilizing AWS' auto scaling and Multi-AZ features

Cloud Security

We'll set up end-to-end confidentiality from the cloud to your workstations to safeguard you and your company

Cloud Extensions

We'll broaden your skill set to encompass backup/disaster recovery, blockchain, and machine learning

Cloud Governance

We will assist in the establishment of overall governance by establishing goals, scope of service, and success measures

Self-Service OpsNow

With our revolutionary self-service financial interface, you seize power and optimize complicated hybrid cloud billing

Inclusive Assistance

We monitor and operate your cloud while resolving issues as they arise

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