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Cloud Governance
Improve efficiency and expenses by accelerating insights.

Delivery teams are accountable for providing code that meets business objectives while also managing both fixed and fluctuating operational expenses connected with their code’s use. SBS Cloud Governance services make use of FinOps technologies and best practises to provide:

  • Comprehensive multi-cloud resource management on a single platform
  • Insights that are automated and actionable for enhancing efficiencies and lowering expenses
  • Within minutes of implementation, you may save 30% or more on cloud costs.


OpsNow gives comprehensive insights into your cloud environment by integrating multi-cloud management inside a single, unified pane. It minimizes the requirement for your DevOps team to get engaged in time-consuming operations by using automated governance, incident response, and cost management technologies to limit human error.

Why SBS for cloud Governance?

Accelerated Insights

At a glance, monitor scattered, multi-cloud assets for easy, integrated administration

Optimized Costs

Identify and eliminate flaws quickly for recurring efficiency gains

Increased Efficiencies

Analyze multi-cloud prices in real time and historical billing patterns on a single cohesive dashboard

OpsNow, which was created as a full-service solution for automating multi-cloud operations, also reports security level and issue operations by team or project, allowing you to completely understand your cloud business functions and uncover cost-saving options.

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