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NECSOM – A Complete Billing Solution– Somalia

A custom made solution for the complete billing life cycle of a power company.

The solution includes mobile apps for various functions connected with centralized billing solutions enabling real-time availability and automation.

NECSOM Meter Reader – An software that enables real-time meter reading from the customers’ homes. The reduces billing time and service time to the customer.

Abdul Latif Jameel

Abdul Latif Jameel– TOYOTA – KSA

A hospitality solution for VIP guests at Abdul Latif Jameel, KSA. A very intuitive elitist interface that involves a real walkthrough to choose visitor position at the premises. The solution is blended with the corporate theme of the office for a seamless and rich experience.

Mark Watch

Employee Monitor – MARK WATCH – Ireland

A security guard monitoring solution was provided to Mark watch Security, Ireland. The Solution enables real-time logging of shifts and monitoring their hours of work for monthly timesheets. The app is Geo location enabled to pick the location of the employee while punching and presenting it on a map for a live view of employees.


Zaujee – A Muslim Matchmaking app to find your soul mate. Key Feautres of Zaujee App:

– Set Search Criteria
– Learn about Marriages in Islam
– Have full control of the process
– Save Shortlisted profiles
– Viewed Profiles section

Maternal Safety and Survival Institute Application

Maternal Safety and Survival Institute

Maternal Safety and Survival Application

A custom-made Data collecting, Triage providing, and E-learning solution for MASSAI Institute. Data collection of maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity traditional birth attendants.

Help Us Blood Donation

Blood donation platform

A Blood donation platform that enables patients to request for BLOOD requirements via an intuitive mobile platform that connects requests with donors. All requests for Bloods are notified to donors in real time via mobile notifications. The donors can navigate to the blood request via the mobile geo location features.


Ask Islam Pedia

Hadith search app

  • Build for hadith students
  • Multiple languages feature
  • Multilevel search to make hadith studies easier by making search easier at multiple levels.
Tania Water Factory


Water Factory at Saudi Arabia

Mobile ⚫ PDA ⚫ Web

The new web based application is based on MVC architecture. The remodeled system increases the business process productivity and enhances the scope of scalability by enabling mobile forms through web API’s.

Indie Spice Grill

CRM and online portfolio

Indie Spice is a chain of take away and restaurants based across Ireland.

SBS is working with Indie for a CRM solution that enhance customer loyalty and increase profits for the chain of restaurants.

Department of Health, State of Florida, U.S.A

Department of Health

State of Florida, U.S.A

Development & Migration of a legacy system to web based application with MVC architecture

The project was handled by the director of SBS. The project was delivered well within the time frame provided. The challenge of the project was that there was no documentation of the legacy systems so delivering the application with no documentation in the given time span was the greatest challenge.

Peacock Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia


Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Web based estimator of material requirement based on the inputs of various clients

Peacock Al-Jubail is a prestigious interior decor company based in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

SBS has worked with Peacock Al-Jubail to enhance its procurement procedures and at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.