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AWS Cost Optimisation

Migrate and Run Windows-Based Solutions to Amazon EC2 instances

We have shown expertise in helping customers move, run, and operate Microsoft Workloads on AWS as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. We ensure that our clients’ total expenses of deploying and running any Windows applications on AWS EC2 instances are reduced in a timely, secure, and disruption-free manner.

Why are Microsoft workloads hosted on AWS?

AWS delivers everything you need to create and execute Windows applications, including Active Directory,.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows desktop-as-a-service, and all supported Windows Server versions. Our in-house team of professionals can simply lift-and-shift, restructure, or even upgrade your Windows workloads thanks to our proven competence.

AWS operates nearly twice as many Windows Server instances as the next largest cloud provider

Unplanned downtime is reduced by 98%, deployment is 71% quicker, and developer productivity is 26% higher

Savings of 36% over three years utilizing AWS by right-sizing instances with Migration Evaluator

Accelerate your Microsoft Workloads with SBS and AWS

Flexible licensing options

We provide the most cloud choices for leveraging new and current Microsoft software licenses on AWS. You may also use Microsoft License Mobility via Software Assurance to migrate your current licenses to the AWS platform.

Strategic Migration Planning

We can help you achieve your migration goals swiftly and safely, while reducing application downtime.We have the knowledge to assist you upgrade legacy Windows Server applications to the newest, supported versions of Windows Server on AWS using the AWS End-of-Support Migration Program and AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for Windows.

Lower TCO

Running Windows on AWS can help you speed growth, increase efficiency, and achieve long-term cost savings. We give you discounts of up to 72% on Amazon EC2 instances, as well as Amazon EC2 Spot, which decreases prices by up to 90% on compute instances for failure tolerant workloads.

Stronger Security & Backup

Protect your Microsoft Workloads with AWS infrastructure and networking services that are extremely secure. AWS offers over 230 privacy, accountability, and regulatory services and capabilities, and our support staff will create a customized backup strategy for your data.

Complete Control and Accessibility

When transferring your Microsoft Workloads to AWS EC2 instances, you will get total control and visibility over virtual servers.

Deeper and broader functionality

To serve your Microsoft-based apps, AWS offers a far greater selection of services, as well as much deeper capability inside most of these services.

Our AWS Capabilities: SBS your go-to partner

AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency

As an operating system, Windows is used by the majority of the world’s commercial applications. With SBS as your AWS Microsoft Workloads competence partner, you can combine these apps’ modernizations with the AWS Cloud’s flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Due to our accredited competencies, we can provide a variety of services to businesses:

  • Database solutions:  We prepare traditional SQL Server installations for Amazon Aurora and Amazon Redshift services, or we transfer operations to Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS.


  • Microsoft workload migration: We employ tools to analyze and prepare for migrations in advance, as well as to manage and regulate migrations of Microsoft workloads. 


  • We install solutions that streamline and automate Microsoft workloads in areas such as security, scalability, and management.


  • Analytics, data, and machine learning: Microsoft SQL Server data preparation, conversion, analysis, and management technologies for data analysis and machine learning
SBS is an APN Innovation Hub that offers software solutions hosted on AWS Cloud
We are acknowledged as leaders as APN Premier Consulting Partners and have worked with customers in regional, sectoral, and transversal industries. We have extensive technical experience and shown competence in building solutions on AWS with a higher number of AWS customers at scale.
We provide complete lifetime solutions in cloud infrastructure and migration to customers as an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner in four important areas: plan and design, build and migrate, manage and operate, and optimize.

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