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Provide rapid continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).
Cloud Innovation
Evaluate your cloud to increase innovation.

We’ll optimize your cloud environment, boosting operational efficiency and delivering business outcomes, whether you’re new to the cloud or searching for methods to optimize your current environment for optimal performance and decreased expenses.

  • Assess: To ensure a thorough grasp of the current DevOps ecosystem, we will collaborate with you to assess the maturation of your personnel, procedures, and infrastructure.
  • Design: Using DevOps best practices, we’ll create a highly available, elevated framework for each task to guarantee your development and operations teams have a seamless CI/CD environment.
  • Implementation: To reduce delivery time, we’ll employ agile software development techniques and technologies to move workflows and deploy cloud-native apps fast and reliably—all while having no impact on your company.
  • Manage: Our Managed Services team will assist the continuing delivery of your automated DevOps processes and cloud-native app development, ensuring greater availability and resilience.
  • Optimize: Our team uses cutting-edge tools and data analytics to ensure that all components of your cloud are constantly operating at peak performance.


Whether you are rehosting, restructuring, modifying, rebuilding, or retiring and replacing business applications, our team of professionals will walk you through the whole process in a disciplined manner to ensure the best strategy for each task. We will also move your data to a cloud infrastructure that is designed for speed, scalability, and affordability.

Why SBS for Cloud Innovation?

Increased Agility

We design, create, and develop a microservices architecture to allow for the quick implementation of new features.

Continuous Improvement

We improve your DevOps infrastructure so that development, test, and deployment operations can be automated.

Reduced Costs

We'll optimize your cloud to provide consistent, stable results at the lowest feasible cost.

SBS’s end-to-end, outcome-driven portfolio of DevOps consulting and managed services combine best practices with cutting-edge tools to enhance quality and expedite delivery of your apps and services.

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