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DMS - Database Migration Service

DMS - Database Migration Service

SBS has extensive expertise assisting customers in safely, efficiently, and reliably migrating their own databases to Amazon Web Services (AWS). During the migration process, the source database appears fully operational, minimizing downtime for database-dependent applications. SBS uses AWS Database Migration Service to move data from and to the most popular business and open-source databases. We assist customers with both conventional migrations such as Oracle to Oracle and heterogeneous migrations such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora using the AWS schema conversion tool.

Minimal downtime

We ensure that scheduled migrations have little or even no downtime in some circumstances. Monitoring the status of persistent replication to the target is critical for maintaining visibility and taking appropriate measures. We prioritize ensuring that the source database remains fully operational during the transfer process without disrupting your company.

On-going replication

We can quickly set up replication jobs according on your needs, whether they are one-time migrations or ongoing replications. Following setup, ongoing replication activities replicate changes from the data source to the destination database indefinitely. If you have any additional data transformation and validation requirements, DMS features can be used as needed throughout the replication procedure.


We employ DMS, an AWS-managed service, for any database migration to provide you with a highly available, fault-tolerant, and automatic recovery solution. When issues emerge during the migration, the DMS service resumes the migration operation and verifies where it previously stopped to verify that the replication continues. To offer numerous replication instances for high-availability migrations and data replications, we employ the DMS feature, Multi-AZ option.

Supports widely used databases

We configure data migration to and from the most popular commercial and accessible databases. This offers support for both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations across multiple database systems. Migrations can occur from on-premises databases to Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2, from EC2 databases to RDS, or vice versa.

DMS - Database Migration Service